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I've Never Experienced Writer's Block

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

That may come off as a kind of arrogant title.

"Good for you bro, you're just so gifted," or, "Not all of us can be so lucky," etc, etc. I can hear your thoughts through the screen lol.

Lord knows that's not my intention, though - I'm not putting the fact that I've never experienced writer's block out there as a sort of brag-a-docious claim, but rather as a curious observation.

It's true, I haven't. At least I THINK I haven't. Most of my fellow authors and writers have described writer's block as this demonic presence who will stand at the gate of your creativity, like some giant possessed creature, and refuse any ideas to pass through into your psyche.

I've just never experienced that. I've been blessed, luckily, to have a steady stream of creative ideas that allow me to do SOMETHING with them, whether it's write a story, play a bass riff off my head, or strike up a chord progression on piano. Most of my ideas come to me in the morning, right when I get up from bed; my wife jokes and says I sleep with sirens and muses. She says the song 'A Million Dreams' from the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman (great song, great soundtrack, and great movie, by the way) reminds her of me. Perhaps this is luck of the draw - or perhaps it's because I surround myself with things that inspire me. I read daily. I game weekly (daily would be nice, lol). My wife and I watch many Fantasy/Sci-Fi movies and TV shows together. Right now we're hooked on The 100. I listen to music almost nonstop. I always try to learn something new, as well. Right now I'm taking Spanish classes (I'm one of those guilty to not be fluent in my native language) with French on the books afterwards.

So, maybe I've never experienced writer's block because I'm lucky, or maybe it's because the influx of inspiring ideas I surround myself with simply outrun the natural attrition rate of the graying of creativity. Maybe my writer's block hasn't come, and I'll be smacked with ten years of darkness (D:), OR, maybe the 27 years it took me to begin writing seriously WAS my writer's block. Who knows? All I know is, if you've got it, you can beat it too.

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